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Our Sani-Strength OR Table Belts and Armboard Straps are designed to safely secure patients during intra operative procedures done in outpatient and inpatient settings.  They can also be utilized by special procedures, interventional radiology, cath lab, and endoscopy.

Our Ultimate Strength Safety Straps are produced in white as an infection control measure so that blood, body fluids, hair and prep solutions can be easily detected as contaminants on a white background.  Being disposable ensures that cross contamination from bacteria, resistant organisms and blood borne pathogens does not occur.

Table Straps

The last thing you want to do is jeopardize the safety of your patients and your staff during an operation or when a patient emerges from anesthesia.  Our operating room table straps are designed to keep your patients in a safe secure position based on the surgical procedure being performed.

Arm Straps

Armboard straps help protect upper extremity access to intravenous lines utilized for delivery of drugs, fluids and blood needed during surgery.  Armboards straps also prevent the upper extremity from accidentally being dislodged from the armboard.

Product Customization

Table and Armboard straps can be customized based on body size/dimension of patient to include neonatal to bariatric.  Standard sizing for Table Strap is 4” wide and for Armboard Strap is 3” wide. Free samples of our table and armboard straps are available upon request.

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If you’re looking for a safer more secure patient security system, look no more.  We offer the strongest , most sanitary products in the industry.

Table Strap

Armboard Strap

Arm Strap secures upper extremity for IV access and inadvertent disruption.

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